Famous dietitian in Chandigarh

Famous dietitian in Chandigarh

Diet for Blood Pressure

A healthy blood pressure is essential to survival. It functions as a force that makes it possible for our blood to circulate throughout the body, allowing vital nutrients and oxygen to reach our tissues and organs through the arteries.

Blood pressure, however, can be either dangerously high or low. Here, we’ll go over the signs, the severe consequences, and some dietary advice for maintaining normal blood pressure.

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Let’s first talk about the age group affected by this issue before moving on to its signs and effects:

Age                Men’s (%)     women’s(%) 20-45               19.2                    13.6

46-65              46.6                  46.3

66 & older       66.2                75.8

All                      44.6               47.

Let’s talk about the signs that you do not have a normal blood pressure after discussing the age group.

  • Severe headache
  • fatigue or uncertainty
  • chest pai
  • vision issue
  • severe phobia
  • breathing difficulties
  • irregular heartbeat

Numerous negative effects on human health and wellbeing are brought on by these symptoms. The body’s main artery, the aorta, could be torn, which would cause swelling or bleeding in the brain. Pregnant women with eclampsia may also experience seizures.

Here are some suggestions to help you maintain a healthy blood pressure level:

  • every week, check your blood pressure.
  • less salt in your food is preferred.
  • Eat more fruits and drink more water each day.
  • You must be aware that every body has particular nutritional needs. Therefore, it is impossible to say that a single diet will work for all body types.

Don’t worry, though!

We are available to assist you in that.

Dietitian Neha  offer individualised food plans for each body type, which you may use to regulate your blood pressure and treat other health issues.



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