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Best dietitian in Chandigarh – Diet for avoiding wheat

A wheat allergy is characterised by an inappropriate immunological response to at least one of the wheat proteins. Breathing issues, nausea, a bloated stomach, and an inability to concentrate can all result from wheat exposure. Best dietitian in Tricity , dietitian Neha will tell you about all the problems related to allergy.

Best Dietitian in Tricity

Wheat flour can cause an allergic reaction in certain people when inhaled, but it can also cause symptoms when consumed. An allergic reaction may happen right away or take hours.

Quick information about wheat allergies

An allergy develops when a certain substance causes an unexpected reaction in a person.

There are various compounds in wheat, and certain people may react to each of them.

The best strategy to prevent wheat allergy is to stay away from wheat-containing foods.

A modest allergic reaction may cause nasal congestion and pain, whereas a strong reaction may result in potentially fatal circumstances.

Best dietitian in Panchkula – Dietitian Neha

Allergy to Wheat Symptoms





moist eyes

bloated abdomen

nasal obstruction

Streaming, itching eyes

Having trouble breathing

throat- and mouth-itching

Itchy skin rash

worse outcomes





sinus allergies

Tips for a wheat allergy diet

bread that is gluten-free

Eat foods such as rice, oats, corn, rye, and barley on a wheat-free diet.

Have flours that combine chickpea, corn, and millet.

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