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 The top ten meals to reduce uric acid

Numerous health problems, including arthritis, can be brought on by a high uric acid level in the body. When our body can’t get rid of waste, uric acid levels rise and the body produces gout, which is characterised by solid crystals in the joints.

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Maintaining one’s health is crucial, just like with any other health concern. Eating a balanced diet that contains all the necessary nutrients, such as carbs, proteins, good and healthy fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals, is absolutely necessary. It can be challenging for people with high blood levels of uric acid to choose nutritious items to include in their diet. So, we’ve included a few nutritious foods that can assist you in controlling the level of uric acid in your body.

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Leaf tea

Green tea contains a lot of catechins, a powerful antioxidant. According to popular belief, catechin is utilised to reduce the body’s production of certain kinds of enzymes. They are linked to the production of uric acid and are therefore very beneficial in lowering uric acid levels.


Adding fibre to your diet might be quite beneficial. Choosing a diet high in fibre can help lower the body’s uric acid level. To reduce uric acid levels, eat more whole grains, veggies like broccoli, pumpkin, and celery, and oats. Dietary fibres found in these kinds of meals have a crucial role in both the body’s absorption and elimination of uric acid.

Vitamin C

For optimal benefits, include fruits high in vitamin C in your diet. Studies have demonstrated that consuming 500 mg of vitamin C daily will quickly lower the uric acid level. Orange or sweet lime juices are rich sources of vitamin C and can be quite beneficial in supplying you with the recommended dosage.


The correct kinds of fruits can help persons with high levels of uric acid in their bodies maintain a healthy level of uric acid. When experiencing elevated uric acid levels in the body, it is always advised not to consume any citrus fruits. Berries of every kind, including strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries, contain anti-inflammatory qualities. Additionally, they contain a lot of fibre, which aids in supporting the lowering of uric acid levels in the blood.

fluids such as water

One organic cleanser and fluid that removes toxins from the body is water. So make sure to consume at least 10 to 12 glasses of water each day. Additionally helpful are fluids since they aid in the body’s excretion of uric acid. So, increasing your fluid and water intake will aid in lowering your uric acid levels. But keep in mind to pick the proper juices and liquids.


Because of a chemical called anthocyanins, berries generally have anti-inflammatory qualities. This specific chemical has positive effects and aids in lowering elevated uric acid levels. Additionally, it stops uric acid from crystallising and depositing in the joints, which could later cause joint pain.

Tomatoes and fruits

Similar to veggies, fruits are incredibly beneficial in reducing the symptoms of rising uric acid levels. In addition to being considered a fruit rather than a vegetable, tomatoes are healthy for you and their high vitamin C concentration may help lower uric acid levels.

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