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Famous dietitian in Chandigarh –  Food Menu for Jaundice

The term “jaundice” refers to a yellowish tint to the skin and whites of the eyes. Moreover, the condition may cause the body fluids to turn yellow. Today best dietitian  in Panchkula ,Neha  will tell you about jaundice.

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People of all ages can contract this disease, which is typically caused by an underlying ailment. Jaundice typically signifies a problem with the liver or bile duct.

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A brief summary of jaundice

It results from an accumulation of the waste product bilirubin in the blood.

Its symptoms include an itchy rash, a yellow tint to the skin, and black urine.

Jaundice may result from an enflamed liver or a blocked bile duct.
affected group of ages.

The signs of jaundice





dark faeces

Gray stools

Loss of weight

Continent pain

Whites of the eyes and skin with a yellow tint

worse outcomes





a liver problem

renal failure


Chronic liver disease

abnormal electrolytes

liver encephalopathy (brain dysfunction)

Jaundice diet advice

Two great alternatives are water and herbal tea.

Eight glasses of water or more should be consumed daily.

Consume at least two cups of fruits and two cups of vegetables each day.

Find foods high in fibre, like oatmeal, berries, and almonds.

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