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Conscious Eating

The self-calming eating behaviour is mindful eating. As it encourages people to live more intentionally and develops skills that can help prevent chronic pain, illnesses, depression, anxiety, and sleeping problems, mindful eating is thought to have a positive impact on physical health. Additionally, evidence suggests that it is effective in treating obesity.
Mindful eating entails being aware of our food and the reason we are consuming it.
Its primary goal is to appreciate the meal and its flavours rather than only lose weight.
In order to enjoy the eating experience, mindful eating typically involves paying attention to our physical sensations such as hunger, satisfaction, and cues to stop eating.

Best dietitian in Tricity

What mindful eating entails:

Eating slowly to appreciate flavours. Savoring the smell, taste, and texture of food.

Eating without feeling guilty
Understanding hunger, fullness, satisfaction, and craving signs.

Avoiding distractions while eating, such as the phone and the TV.

How to incorporate mindful eating into your life:

Decide for yourself whether you are hungry or full. When your body tells you to, eat.

Simply because it is lunchtime or dinnertime, people frequently eat even when they are not particularly hungry. Eating past the point of fullness can result in excessive food consumption and weight gain.

Use small plates to help you eat less and more mindfully. Eating on small plates and using small utensils can help you do this. We eat less when we see less. Using smaller plates can help you control your portion sizes. Making smaller versions of dishes like cutlets, cheelas, and chapati helps with portion control.

No need to consume all food from plates. Sometimes when we are eating, even though there is still food on the plate, we feel full. People often eat until they are full, which can result in overeating. It’s completely acceptable to leave food on the plate when you’re satisfied; you can store it as leftovers and eat it later.

In order to prevent yourself from feeling guilty about indulging in unhealthy foods, try to stock your refrigerator and cabinets with healthy food options, fruits, and snacks.

The most crucial mindful eating method is to eat slowly. Eat slowly and chew each bite of food as many times as you can. Don’t rush your meal. You can better appreciate the taste, flavour, and texture of food if you eat slowly. It also facilitates simple food digestion.

Pay attention to your food. Try to avoid using digital devices like your phone, TV, or laptop while you’re eating. Never attempt to multitask. Never eat dinner in bed or anywhere else; always dine at the table.

Eat well-balanced meals that are beneficial to your overall health. Include turmeric, aloe vera, black pepper, ginger, tulsi, prebiotics, probiotics, aloe vera, and many more foods in your diet. These are useful for increasing immunity.

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