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Heartburn, or acid reflux, is a common ailment that causes searing sensation in the lower chest region. When stomach acid leaks back up into the food stream, it occurs. Gastroesophageal reflux disease is diagnosed when acid reflux occurs twice a week (GERD).

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Quick information about GERD by Best dietitian in Mohali – Dietitian Neha 

It is also referred to as acid indigestion or heartburn.

Smoking and obesity are examples of risk factors from a lifestyle

It causes lower chest pain that burns, usually after eating.

It occurs when some of the stomach’s acidic contents ascend into the oesophagus.

Associated with acid reflux risk factors



Low rates of physical activity

Acid reflux signs and symptoms








poor breath

tooth erosive

throat issues

Continual dry cough

upper abdominal or chest pain

difficulty swallowing or discomfort

How we treat acid indigestion

We create a diet plan that fully satisfies your body’s nutritional requirements after gaining a thorough understanding of your lifestyle, body type, and eating habits. Additionally, we make an effort to comprehend your kitchen in order to make the diets we recommend in your diet programme simple and doable for you to prepare.

The finest part of the food plan we’ve given you is that it enables you to treat your illness in a safe and efficient manner. All you need to do is speak with one of our knowledgeable dietitians, thoroughly describe your issue, and wait for our advice on how to solve it.

Speak with Best dietitian in Chandigarh , Dietitian Neha today to find out the healthiest method to treat your acid reflux. After scheduling an appointment, you can get in touch with our experts online or by meeting them in person.

additional oversight of

% Muscle & Fat Balance

Green Tea

Diet & Drug Attraction

Omega 3 & 6



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