Best dietitian in Mohali 

Best dietitian in Mohali  -Foods to safely and quickly gain weight

People who need to put on weight can frequently do so by eating more foods high in protein, healthy fats, and whole-grain carbohydrates. Whole grains, dried fruit, potatoes, avocados, oily fish, eggs, and dairy products are a few examples. Best dietitian in Tricity, Dietitian Neha will help you in reaching your goals .

Best Dietitian in Tricity

Adding weight gradually is the most enduring strategy. Rapid weight gain techniques might be challenging to keep up.

People who want to put on weight quickly should first consult their doctor. Occasionally, having trouble putting on weight or experiencing sudden weight loss.

Best Dietitian in Mohali – Dietitian Neha 

Discover which foods can safely aid weight gain by reading on.


The body uses a nutrient called carbohydrates, or carbs, for energy. The word “carbs” is frequently used to describe foods that are mostly composed of carbohydrates. These foods could also have additional nutrients, though.


Rice has a lot of carbs. For instance, 100 grammes of brown rice contain 70 grammes. Compared to certain other varieties of rice, this kind has a higher protein content. Additionally, a 100-g serving has 357 calories.

White rice has a lower protein level than other grains, however it can be served with other foods to increase the protein and calorie content, such as meat or beans.

granola bread

Bread made from whole grains has more protein and complex carbs than white bread.

Bread can have more calories added to it by having a protein-rich food, like nut butter or avocado, on top of it. Additionally, they can make sandwiches with ingredients that are high in nutrients.

cereals with whole grains

Oats, wheat, barley, and rice are some examples of ingredients in whole grain cereals. These whole grains can be purchased separately so that consumers can combine them at home to serve with milk or yoghurt. They can also purchase cereal bars or pre-mixed cereals as an alternative.

These cereals may have extra vitamins and minerals added by the manufacturers, but some may include a lot of extra sugar. It is crucial to always read the label for this reason.

stale fruit

Fructose, a sugar found in fruit, is present in dried fruits. They can be used to sweeten food naturally and to boost the caloric content of meals.

For instance, one can incorporate dried fruit into a smoothie, add dried apricots to yoghurt, or use dates to sweeten cereals or oatmeal. Some dried fruits are also delicious in salads and some prepared dishes, such tagines.

a deep chocolate

Cocoa beans, which are heavy in carbs, are the source of chocolate. Dark chocolate often has a higher cocoa content and less sugar than milk chocolate. This indicates that it contains more of the cocoa bean’s antioxidants.

The advantages are greatest when consumed in products with a higher cacao content.

Topping a meal with cacao powder or nibs is an easy method to increase both the flavour and caloric content.

Various starches

Numerous more sources of carbohydrates can be included in a person’s diet, such as:



candy potato



legumes, such as chickpeas and beans


Everyone should consume enough protein since it supports both muscular growth and maintenance. Several reliable sources are:


Salmon is a good source of protein and good fats, such as omega-3 fatty acids, which support the functioning of the brain and eyes.

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