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Best dietitian in Mohali  – Breast Cancer Symptoms And Signs

Breast cancer is a type of cancer in which the breast’s cells proliferate uncontrollably. Both men and women are affected ( very rare).
Different people experience different signs and symptoms.
Every woman has to be aware of the warning signs of breast cancer in order to catch it early and begin treatment.

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In the breast or underarm region, lumps can grow that are asymmetrical. The most noticeable indicator of breast cancer is a lump. They may be supple or robust. These lumps are often painless and might be stationary or mobile. When compared to other breast tissues, these tumours feel distinct.

Pain: It is usual to experience pain in the breast area, which could be brought on by wearing the improper bra or the start of a monthly cycle. However, if discomfort persists for longer than two weeks, a doctor should be consulted as it may be an alarming indicator of breast cancer.

Breast cancer may be present if your breasts seem red in colour and feel warm to the touch.

Nipple Discharge: If your nipple is discharge-producing but you are not lactating or nursing, this could be a concerning indicator of breast cancer. The early stages of breast cancer are indicated by these symptoms.

Skin with Dimples: In this case, the skin resembles an orange peel. It is a typical indicator of aggressive breast cancer. It might irritate people.

Visible Veins: If you notice veins on your breast, this may indicate malignancy and has to be investigated.

Swollen Lymph Node: Cancer can occasionally spread to lymph nodes, causing them to swell and become hard. Typically, it appears as a lump or swelling beneath your armpits.

Breast Size Change: Breast cancer may be to blame if you notice a rapid change in the size of one of your breasts.

Nipple Turns Inverted: These symptoms are extremely obvious. Rather than projecting outwards, the nipples are drawn within the breasts.

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