Best Dietician in Tricity – Neha Dhawan

Since she was a youngster, dietitian Neha Dhawan has had a deep-seated interest in both the glamour industry and the fitness industry. Taking into account both her own interests and the priorities of her family, she decided to pursue a career in nutrition so that she might assist others in becoming more physically healthy and attractive. She is of the opinion that bringing people into harmony is the most gratifying experience.
Dietitian Neha Dhawan is a young and qualified pharmacologist and nutritionist, and she has eight years of clinical expertise in the treatment of illness and nutrition. Her unique background as a pharmacologist, with its accompanying in-depth understanding of drugs, the mechanisms by which they work, and the ways in which they interact with food, distinguishes her from other nutritionists and weight reduction specialists.
In spite of the abundance of trendy eating plans available in the current world, she places an emphasis on consuming meals that are readily available and uncomplicated. She talks with great pride on the role that customs, traditions, and regional celebrations have in meeting the dietary requirements of an individual. For the sake of living a healthy life, she requests that both yoga and diet be monitored.
She was constantly linked to food and the importance of seasonal changes in cuisine due to the fact that she was born into a typical Punjabi household. Neha Dhawan is aware that Ayurveda may function as a supplement to contemporary dietary theory. When asked about her strong interest in Ayurveda, she said that she has had a connection to ancient methods of healthcare ever since she was a youngster. She claims that Ayurveda is practised as a culture in her family, and that it has been ingrained in her own nervous system. She has customers from Punjab, Haryana, and Chandigarh, as well as clients from Canada, Australia, and Italy, all of whom are happy and delighted with the outcomes they have had from her services.

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