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Best dietitian in Chandigarh – Diet for Hypertension

Diet Consultant For High Blood Pressure –

One of the most prevalent medical conditions in the world is hypertension. Our environment has made it so that our habits of living and eating have an impact on our health. Are you the one who has high blood pressure? Obtaining a diet consultant for hypertension requires that you see a registered best dietitian in Tricity,  Neha, if the answer is yes.

Best Dietitian in Tricity

Nearly 90% of people have hypertension for unclear reasons. Therefore, maintaining a healthy diet is crucial in a climate that is changing so quickly. The goal of Dietitian Neha  is to improve patients’ health through dietary advice. Please feel free to contact us with any more questions.

What Is High Blood Pressure?

The main symptom of hypertension is an excessive amount of blood pushing against the arterial walls. It is also referred to as hypertension (HBP). Because it forces the heart to work harder than it should, hypertension is extremely hazardous. Additionally, it may cause artery damage, a stroke, kidney issues, and heart illnesses. Today, it is one of the most prevalent health issues. We encountered this issue around every third individual. India has a hypertensive population that makes up about one-third of the country. Currently, there are between 20 and 40 percent more urban and between 12 and 17 percent more rural residents with hypertension. Numerous dangerous disorders can develop from uncontrolled hypertension. Therefore, we must put more of an emphasis on leading healthy lives.

The following are signs of hypertension:

breathing difficulty





chest pain

Urine with blood in it

A visual shift

These signs necessitate prompt medical or nutritional advice. Regular blood pressure checks are one of the greatest strategies to learn about this issue.

Benefits Of Choosing Best Dietitian in Chandigarh, Dietitian Neha  – For Hypertension 

There are numerous advantages to using licenced dietitian Neha as your diet adviser for hypertension. Choosing Neha best Dietitian  has the following advantages:

She is an authority in the area of nutrition and food.

Neha is a dietitian with  many  years of expertise.

She can assist you if you struggle with high blood pressure by adjusting your diet without sacrificing flavour.

She advises you on making the appropriate food choices.

instructs you on what foods to eat to lower high blood pressure.

with a tonne more.

Can a Diet Consultant Treat High Blood Pressure?

Yes, visiting a dietitian for hypertension is a viable treatment option for your high blood pressure issue. Your diet can have a significant impact on how well your high blood pressure is managed. Manageable meal plans are the best way to reduce high blood pressure. Your diet programme will consist of:

cutting back on sugar and sweets

putting a focus on whole grains

fruits and veggies in abundance

Less red meat, but more beans, nuts, fish, and fowl

There are many low-fat milk products available, such as 1% or skim milk and yoghurt.

lower sodium

Reduce your consumption of foods high in saturated fat and cholesterol.

And a lot of other foods.

Most Effective Diet Consultant For Hypertension:Dietitian Neha

The several food categories that you must include in your diet plan have been discussed above. However, nobody is aware of the appropriate dosage and timing. Since Dietitian Neha is here to assist you, you no longer need to worry. She is regarded as one of the top dietitians in Tri-City and Panchkula. Dietitian Neha has her own independent clinic. The Panchkula-based dietitian  seeks to improve patients’ various health issues through nutritious meal programmes. She also provides nationwide internet therapy. To make a reservation, click here.

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Best dietitian in Chandigarh

Best dietitian in Chandigarh – Diet for avoiding wheat

A wheat allergy is characterised by an inappropriate immunological response to at least one of the wheat proteins. Breathing issues, nausea, a bloated stomach, and an inability to concentrate can all result from wheat exposure. Best dietitian in Tricity , dietitian Neha will tell you about all the problems related to allergy.

Best Dietitian in Tricity

Wheat flour can cause an allergic reaction in certain people when inhaled, but it can also cause symptoms when consumed. An allergic reaction may happen right away or take hours.

Quick information about wheat allergies

An allergy develops when a certain substance causes an unexpected reaction in a person.

There are various compounds in wheat, and certain people may react to each of them.

The best strategy to prevent wheat allergy is to stay away from wheat-containing foods.

A modest allergic reaction may cause nasal congestion and pain, whereas a strong reaction may result in potentially fatal circumstances.

Best dietitian in Panchkula – Dietitian Neha

Allergy to Wheat Symptoms





moist eyes

bloated abdomen

nasal obstruction

Streaming, itching eyes

Having trouble breathing

throat- and mouth-itching

Itchy skin rash

worse outcomes





sinus allergies

Tips for a wheat allergy diet

bread that is gluten-free

Eat foods such as rice, oats, corn, rye, and barley on a wheat-free diet.

Have flours that combine chickpea, corn, and millet.

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Dietitian in Chandigarh – Diet for menopause 

Women lose their fertility via the menopause phase. It is not seen as an illness because it is a normal aspect of life. Menopause is a natural phase in a woman’s body, but it can also result in abrupt changes and severe symptoms.

Best Dietitian in Tricity

Menopause symptoms might start years before a woman’s last cycle. Some women might even continue to suffer the symptoms months or even years later.

A brief summary of menopause by best Dietitain in Chandigarh – Dietitian Neha

It signals a woman’s fertility’s end.

50 is the typical menopause age.

Menopause symptoms include hot flashes, nocturnal sweats, changes in cognition, and mood swings.

Menopause symptoms might result from a drop in oestrogen levels.



aching joints



a hot flash

panic attack

reduced fertility

Virility dryness

irregular cycles

digestion issues

worse outcomes

a hot flash

often urinating

infections of the urinary tract

mood swings and depression

insomnia or other issues with sleeping

Dryness and discomfort in the vagina during sexual activity

Advice on menopausal diet by famous dietitian in Tricity , Dietitian Neha 

Consume at least two cups of veggies and one and a half cups of fruits daily.

Drink 3 to 4 litres of water each day to keep your skin moist and prevent dryness.

Think about including foods high in calcium in your diet, such as milk and nonfat yoghurt.

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Best Dietitian in Tricity – Foods to consume if you have acid reflux

Acid reflux is typically the result of a weak or broken lower esophageal sphincter, which allows stomach acid to back up into our oesophagus (LES). The LES typically closes to stop food from passing from the stomach to the oesophagus.
The main factor affecting how much acid is created in your stomach is the food you eat. The key to managing acid reflux, particularly the severe/chronic form known as Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), is smart eating.

Best Dietitian in Tricity

Best nutritionist in Mohali, Dietitian Neha is always there to provide you information regarding your any health issue.

Heartburn is a typical sign of GERD and acid reflux. An individual can acquire a burning sensation in stomach or chest after eating a full meal or particular meals. As acid travels into your oesophagus as a result of GERD, vomiting or regurgitation may also occur. Dry cough, painful throat, bloating, difficulty swallowing, and lump in the throat are a few common symptoms. Many GERD sufferers discover that specific foods bring on these symptoms. There is no one diet that can cure GERD, and various people have different dietary triggers.

Maintain a meal journal and note the following in order to determine your triggers:

What you consume, when you eat it, and any symptoms you have are all factors.

The objective is to manage your symptoms. It is possible for both too much and not enough stomach acid to cause reflux symptoms. If you have too much acid in your body, there are a few specific foods you may keep including in your diet to reduce acid reflux.

According to research, consuming more fibre, especially in the form of fruits and vegetables, may help prevent GERD. It’s a good idea to increase your dietary fibre intake. Additionally, fibre lowers the risk of gastrointestinal issues like haemorrhoids, high cholesterol, and uncontrolled blood sugar.

Fruits & Veggies

Vegetables naturally contain less fat and sugar, and they also aid to lower stomach acid. Green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, leafy greens, cucumbers, and potatoes are all good choices. Due to its inherent anti-inflammatory characteristics, GINGER can be used as a natural remedy for heartburn and digestive issues. To relieve symptoms, add grated or sliced ginger root to dishes or smoothies, or sip ginger tea. Non-citrus fruits, such as melons, bananas, apples, and pears, are less prone than acidic fruits to cause reflux symptoms.

Low-fat non-vegetarian foods including chicken, fish, and seafood lessen acid reflux symptoms. Attempt grilling, broiling, baking, and poaching them. Egg whites are another excellent option. Egg yolks should not be consumed because they are heavy in fat and could cause reflux.

wholesome fats

Avocados, sunflower oil, sesame oil, walnuts, olive oil, and flaxseeds are some foods that are good sources of healthful fats. Reduce your consumption of trans fats and saturated fats and swap them out for these wholesome unsaturated fats. One of the most popular breakfast options and a fantastic source of fibre is oatmeal. It lessens reflux symptoms and aids in absorbing stomach acid.

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 Best dietitian in Tricity  –Conscious Eating

The self-calming eating activity is mindful eating. As it encourages people to live more consciously and develops skills that can help prevent chronic pain, illnesses, sadness, anxiety, and sleeping problems, mindful eating is thought to have a favourable impact on physical health. Additionally, evidence suggests that it is effective in treating obesity.

Best Dietitian in Tricity

Best dietitian in Tricity , Dietitain Neha will guide you how to eat and what to eat.

Mindful eating entails being aware of our food and the reason we are consuming it.
Its primary goal is to appreciate the meal and its flavours rather than only lose weight.
In order to enjoy the eating experience, mindful eating often involves paying attention to our physical sensations such as hunger, satisfaction, and cues to stop eating.

What mindful eating entails:

Eating slowly to appreciate flavours. Savoring the smell, taste, and texture of food.
Eating without feeling guilty
Understanding hunger, fullness, satisfaction, and yearning signs.
Avoiding distractions when eating, such as the phone and the TV.

How to incorporate mindful eating into your life:

Decide for yourself if you are hungry or full. When your body tells you to, eat.

Simply because it is lunchtime or dinnertime, people frequently eat even when they are not particularly hungry. Eating past the point of fullness can result in excessive food consumption and weight gain.

Use small plates to help you eat less and more mindfully. Eating on small plates and using small utensils can help you do this. We eat less when we see less. Using smaller plates can help you regulate your portion sizes.

Making smaller versions of dishes like cutlets, cheelas, and chapati helps with portion management.

No need to consume all food from plates. Sometimes when we are eating, even if there is still food on the plate, we feel satisfied.

People often eat until they are full, which can result in overeating. It’s completely acceptable to leave food on the plate when you’re satisfied; you may store it as leftovers and eat it later.

Best Dietitian in Chandigarh – Dietitian  Neha 

In order to prevent yourself from feeling bad about indulging in unhealthy foods, try to stock your refrigerator and cupboards with healthy food options, fruits, and snacks.

The most crucial mindful eating method is to eat slowly. Eat carefully and chew each bite of food as many times as you can. Don’t rush your meal. You can better appreciate the taste, flavour, and texture of food if you eat slowly. It also facilitates simple food digestion.

Pay attention to your food. Try to avoid using digital devices like your phone, TV, or laptop while you’re eating. Never attempt to multitask. Never eat dinner in bed or anywhere else; always dine at the table.

Eat well-balanced meals that are beneficial to your overall health. Include turmeric, aloe vera, black pepper, ginger, tulsi, prebiotics, probiotics, aloe vera, and many more foods in your diet. These are useful for increasing immunity.

The self-calming eating activity is mindful eating. As it encourages people to live more consciously and develops skills that can help prevent chronic pain, illnesses, sadness, anxiety, and sleeping problems, mindful eating is thought to have a favourable impact on physical health. Additionally, evidence suggests that it is effective in treating obesity.
Mindful eating entails being aware of our food and the reason we are consuming it.
Its primary goal is to appreciate the meal and its flavours rather than only lose weight.
In order to enjoy the eating experience, mindful eating often involves paying attention to our physical sensations such as hunger, satisfaction, and cues to stop eating.

What mindful eating entails:

Eating slowly to appreciate flavours. Savoring the smell, taste, and texture of food.
Eating without feeling guilty
Understanding hunger, fullness, satisfaction, and yearning signs.
Avoiding distractions when eating, such as the phone and the TV.

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Best dietitian in Mohali  – Breast Cancer Symptoms And Signs

Breast cancer is a type of cancer in which the breast’s cells proliferate uncontrollably. Both men and women are affected ( very rare).
Different people experience different signs and symptoms.
Every woman has to be aware of the warning signs of breast cancer in order to catch it early and begin treatment.

Best Dietitian in Tricity

Best dietitian in Mohali, Dietitian Neha will guide you about the various symptoms of disease .

In the breast or underarm region, lumps can grow that are asymmetrical. The most noticeable indicator of breast cancer is a lump. They may be supple or robust. These lumps are often painless and might be stationary or mobile. When compared to other breast tissues, these tumours feel distinct.

Pain: It is usual to experience pain in the breast area, which could be brought on by wearing the improper bra or the start of a monthly cycle. However, if discomfort persists for longer than two weeks, a doctor should be consulted as it may be an alarming indicator of breast cancer.

Breast cancer may be present if your breasts seem red in colour and feel warm to the touch.

Nipple Discharge: If your nipple is discharge-producing but you are not lactating or nursing, this could be a concerning indicator of breast cancer. The early stages of breast cancer are indicated by these symptoms.

Skin with Dimples: In this case, the skin resembles an orange peel. It is a typical indicator of aggressive breast cancer. It might irritate people.

Visible Veins: If you notice veins on your breast, this may indicate malignancy and has to be investigated.

Swollen Lymph Node: Cancer can occasionally spread to lymph nodes, causing them to swell and become hard. Typically, it appears as a lump or swelling beneath your armpits.

Breast Size Change: Breast cancer may be to blame if you notice a rapid change in the size of one of your breasts.

Nipple Turns Inverted: These symptoms are extremely obvious. Rather than projecting outwards, the nipples are drawn within the breasts.

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Best Dietitian in Chandigarh – Foods to eat and stay away from if you have a cough

You may already be aware that eating the appropriate foods can cure half of the illnesses that impact our immune systems. The common cold is one of these illnesses. Even if it’s not thought to be lethal, it nonetheless interferes with our daily lives. For instance, you might suddenly start coughing constantly while in a silent meeting. You feel quite uncomfortable as all eyes turn to you.

Top Dietitian in Chandigarh

Fortunately, there are several foods that you may eat to avoid such circumstances or to treat that persistent cough. Certain foods are bursting with qualities that aid to strengthen the immune system.

Best Nutritionist in Tricity – Dietitian Neha will tell you today about the foods one has to consume if you have a cold and a cough

chicken broth

It is the ideal food to eat when you have a cold because of its anti-inflammatory properties. It is the simplest way to get all the vital nutrients the body needs, including calories, protein, vitamins, and minerals. When you are ill, your body needs hydration and electrolytes. A bowl of hot chicken soup will help to clear your nose and clear your nasal passages.

citrus foods

Getting enough vitamin C is the greatest method to prevent colds. You won’t be able to totally avoid the cold, though, the reality is. You don’t feel like eating or drinking anything when you have a cold. Having oranges, lemons, and limes is another option for treating colds in these instances. The best thing, though? It tastes good too!

fighting germs

Foods with anti-bacterial properties include broccoli, kale, green tea, red onions, and blueberries. These have quercetin, an antioxidant that has been shown to be effective in treating the common cold. These are also loaded in fibre, vitamins, and minerals.

Spicy & Hot!

Spicy meals help to loosen and remove mucus from the nasal passages. This aids in optimal breathing for you. A substance known as capsaicin is found in foods that are spicily hot, such chilli peppers. Eating spicy food may also help you to stop coughing up blood in your throat. However, if your stomach is already disturbed, avoid eating too much spice.


When your cough is in your throat, you feel sick to your stomach. When you have a cold, a cup of hot tea with some ginger is exactly what you need. Both the throat’s congestion and discomfort are relieved by it. Ginger, which is popular for its anti-nausea properties, also contains antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-cancer properties. If you feel like throwing up, take a slice of ginger and keep it in your mouth.


This stem vegetable is advantageous for improving health in general. One or two cloves of minced garlic added to chicken soup or broth enhance taste and help the body fight off cold and flu symptoms. This traditional treatment includes antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties.

Coconut liquid

When you have a cold and a cough, your body tends to become dehydrated. It’s crucial that you top off your water supply. Take sips of coconut water if you don’t feel like drinking boiling water. In addition to being sweet and tasty, it is also a good source of glucose and the electrolytes needed to ward against dangerous microorganisms.


When you’re unwell, doctors advise eating honey, especially if you have a sore throat brought on by a bacterial infection. Honey is well known for its antibacterial properties since it is a rich source of antimicrobial chemicals. To feel better, sip on a warm glass of milk, water, or tea mixed with half a spoonful of honey.


You don’t feel like eating anything while you’re unwell. Eat bananas to ensure that the body receives all the nutrients it needs. These are nutrient- and calorie-dense, and they also include soluble fibre, which keeps your bowels regular even when you’re unwell.

green vegetables with leaves

It’s crucial to consume all the vitamins and minerals when you’re ill. And eating a lot of green vegetables is the best way to get the necessary nutrients. An essential plant-based compound that protects cells from damage and lowers inflammation in the body is abundant in dark green vegetables. Even though lettuce is only a type of green vegetable like spinach, it is a great source of fibre, vitamins, and minerals.

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Famous dietician in Mohali


You’ve already found the proper place; in this article, Best Dietitian in Chandigarh, Dietitian Neha tell you the top 5 reasons why women struggle to lose weight. For all of us, losing weight is an incredibly difficult endeavour. For females, it may be harder due to a variety of variables. According to some studies, 50% of women and 45% of men are obese.

Best dietitian in Tricity

Obesity causes lifestyle diseases like diabetes, thyroid disorder, PCOD, heart disease, and cancer. It also causes low self-esteem, decreased confidence, and premature ageing. The basal metabolic rate, or how many calories your body burns while at rest, is often lower in women than in males because women tend to have more body fat and less muscle. The following are the reasons why it is more difficult for a woman to lose weight than a male if you are overweight but not obese.

The top 5 reasons why it is more difficult for women to lose weight

Nearly all women believe they need to lose weight, and despite making resolutions, dieting, and trying every new exercise programme available, their weight loss goals are unsuccessful. However, the question naturally arises.

Top Dietitian in Panchkula – Dietitian Neha

Why is it harder for women to lose weight?

The reasons are as follows:

1. An imbalance in hormones

This is one of the elements that is frequently disregarded and contributes to weight loss resistance and plateaus. Thyroid, high cortisol, and sex hormones are the three primary hormones in our bodies.

The first is the thyroid, a hormone that is essential for preserving a healthy weight. The main factor causing weight loss resistance is hypothyroidism, and for the thyroid hormone to function properly, particular minerals including selenium, zinc, iodine, iron, and omega-3 fatty acids are required.

The second is high cortisol, sometimes referred to as the stress hormone, which thwarts weight loss efforts. This fight-or-flight hormone increases your appetite, makes you need a lot of carbohydrates and sugar, and maintains belly fat where it belongs. Additionally, stress-reduction techniques including exercise, meditation, deep breathing, and talking to loved ones can all help lower cortisol levels.

Sex hormones – Because high amounts of either oestrogen or testosterone lead to weight gain, a sex hormone imbalance might make it difficult to reduce weight. Additionally, exercise enables you to regulate your sex hormone, which promotes muscular growth and weight loss.

2. Sleep Patterns

This is one of the five factors that make weight loss more difficult as you get older. According to several studies, people who get between 3.5 and 5.5 hours of sleep at night consume more calories than those who get between 7 and 10 hours. For the body to heal and work properly, sleep is crucial. You are more likely to gain weight when you don’t get enough sleep, and you also run the risk of getting chronic illnesses, anxiety, and irritation.

3. Emotion-Induced Eating

This is another typical explanation for why you aren’t losing weight. Emotional eating is the practise of eating in order to numb unpleasant feelings including stress, rage, anxiety, low self-esteem, boredom, sadness, or loneliness. Additionally, when you eat to relieve stress or boredom, whether consciously or unconsciously, it might lead to consuming foods high in fats and carbohydrates.

4. Effects of Pregnancy

When a woman becomes pregnant, she also puts on extra weight and body fat. Additionally, it might be difficult for a new mother to find time to exercise in addition to getting enough sleep. She’ll require both to lose those extra pounds in addition to this. However. At this stage of life, nursing supports weight loss and calorie burning.

5. Being last in line

Women are famed for their ability to multitask; the difficult part is putting oneself first. Always putting their family first, women prepare children for school, pack lunches for their spouses and children, clean the house, and perform numerous other household tasks.

Because of this, they don’t have enough time to fully enjoy their meals, which causes them to eat mindlessly by consuming their kids’ leftovers. We can all agree that the morning is the busiest time of the day for housewives. They never eat breakfast and promote unhealthy snacking throughout the day.

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