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Best Dietitian In Panchkula -Vegetables and foods you must consume while pregnant?

A healthy pregnancy diet consists of what you must consume and the rationale behind why you should eat that particular food. A balanced pregnancy diet is created by researching the nutritional needs your unborn child will have as they develop, and this can be met if you eat a nutritious meal.

Best Dietitian in Tricity

Best dietitian in Tricity – Dietitian Neha

The following are some of the top dietary supplements for pregnant women as well as specific foods to stay away from as suggested by the famous dietitian in Chandigarh, Dietitian Neha .

Vitamin B12:

The neural tube is formed by folic acid during early development. Some significant brain and spine birth abnormalities are prevented by folic acid. You can add folic acid-rich foods like kiwis, oranges, Brussels sprouts, spinach, cabbage, black-eyed peas, bananas, and eggs in your diet.

Foods High in Iron:

You need to consume enough foods high in iron while you are pregnant. Anaemia can occur when your body doesn’t have enough iron. Pre-term birth and low birth weight are just two issues that might increase your risk for anaemia during pregnancy. Poha, beetroot, green vegetables, jaggery, raisins, coconut slices, chickpeas, and quinoa are other excellent sources of iron.

vitamin C

It has been demonstrated that vitamin C improves the body’s absorption of iron. Pick at least one vitamin C-rich food each day, such as bell peppers, tomatoes, asparagus, sprouts, kiwi, mango, strawberries, or grapefruit. At a minimum, pregnant women require 80-85mg of vitamin C daily.


Egg yolks, chicken, soy, and wheat germ are choline-rich foods. Women who are expecting may need supplements if they are not eating these foods.


Pregnant women should be advised to consume calcium, especially during the second and third trimesters and when nursing. A diet that includes milk and milk products can help people get the right amount of calcium. such as yoghurt, buttermilk, and paneer. There are numerous other foods that contain calcium, including spinach, tofu, almonds, fox nuts, and fortified beverages like soya milk and almond milk.

Complete Grains:

To add more minerals, vitamins, and fibre to the diet, it should be encouraged to eat whole grains, cereals, and fresh vegetables every day.

Foods to exclude

Additionally, you should abstain from drinking alcohol and caffeine while you are pregnant.

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