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Best Dietitian in Chandigarh – Diet plans for Vertigo

Vertigo is a dizzy feeling that seems to be whirling. It is not a fear of heights, as many people maintain, and is not always associated with looking down from a high point. Instead, it can refer to any brief or persistent episodes of dizziness brought on by issues with the inner ear or brain.

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Although vertigo can strike at any age, it strikes those 65 and older the most frequently. It could be short-term or ongoing.

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Depending on the cause, vertigo comes in a variety of forms.

Paradoxical vertigo

It happens when there is an issue with the inner ear’s balancing organ.

central dizziness

It happens as a result of disruption in one or more sensory nerve pathways in the brain.

signs of dizziness




feeling queasy

Jerking or abnormal eye

worse outcomes



Seizures (rarely) (rarely)

a number of sclerosis

Tumors (cancerous or non-cancerous) (cancerous or non-cancerous)

Vertigo may also result from or be connected with:



ear surgery

a number of sclerosis

prolonged rest in bed

head trauma or injuries

adverse drug reaction

using particular medications

brain-stem or cerebellar disease

Vertigo diet recommendations

nutrients high in vitamin C

foods high in folic acid

Almonds, cayenne pepper, gooseberry and coriander seeds, lemongrass, and strawberries are foods that aid in the treatment of vertigo symptoms.

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